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About us...

Advanced Medical Devices Suisse SA

is an International industry involved in scientific research, aimed at making electromedical equipment with advanced technologies. It plans and builds its own units in its laboratories. Therapeutic innovation, our product reliability and high technological levels, find the right compromise with the ease of use of the produced devices. Their main goal is regenerating tissue cell activity, reactivating the ionic and bio-elements exchange through the emission of "dedicated" radio frequencies. All of the products of physical and instrumental therapy of A.M.D. Suisse are covered by intellectual property: it does not exist, thus, devices of same conception on the market: Further proof of the validity of our products, in benefit of scientific research, to improve quality of life. THE ADVANCED MEDICAL DEVICES S.A.‘S COMMITMENT TO THE "THIRD MILLENIUM".”


International Academy of Regenotherapy® Studies

has set up an international association called International Academy of Regenotherapy® Studies with registered office in Lugano - Switzerland. The Academy has been set up in accordance with art. 60 of the Swiss Civil Code.”


Back in 1986

Mr. Saverio Giangregorio's idea of creating a new type of therapeutic application, using predetermined radio frequency ranges was beginning to take shape. Years of study, tests and continuous work were necessary before reaching today's results.
The results were increasingly encouraging from the very beginning determining that element of credibility and differentiation comparable with all other physical and instrumental therapies known.
This application had to be "baptised" with a name that would distinguish it from the other therapies known and therefore: Regenotherapy®.
More of twenty years have passed since April 1986 and much has been achieved within the field of physical-instrumental therapies, however the real innovation is Regenotherapy®.
References to specialist medicine arise from the fact that various fields of medicine are interested in Regenotherapy®.”


The continuous technological needs

rapidly change and require a considerable spirit of adaptation. In fact AMD Suisse's technological and structural modernization is a fundamental element of our success and that reflects to our customers. In the modern technological world and in marketing activities, only the first is the winner. In the technical-scientifically field, the technical evolution is fundamental. On the base of this principle AMD S.A. (Suisse) dedicates a lot of investment and resources to the activity of Research and Development, with the purpose of always rendering its products more competitive. The technological innovation, proven by the validation of products, provides the fundamental methods to the health care professionals, and the best technological solutions capable to improve the quality of the patient’s life. On this website there are available information on the company and its products. Also, there are the NEWS, that allows the users to always be updated on the related developments, and PRODUCTS links.”

Customer Fidelity

We know

we have very demanding professional users, as they demand the best and expect the most. We meet this challenge with increasingly innovative technologies, and thus, gaining greater fidelity every day. Therefore to keep pace, we continuously modernise the level of our production and take a greater part in certain requirements with our advice and our services. For us, being one step ahead is proof of pride, materialized daily, with rationalised growth and development of new professional synergies. The outcome is the high quality level of our products as valid technical advice.”

Company Organization

A.M.D. Suisse SA is an International Company

consisting of competent collaborators that work both in Switzerland and abroad.
A.M.D. Suisse SA is managed by Mr. Ginagregorio (CEO), who creates a synergy that aims to cover every need both at an administrative/commercial level and scientific level thanks also to the Academy's support known as I.A.R.S..
The Secretariat is managed independently and is up to date with all situations; it can quickly sort and forward all information to the competent bodies both in Switzerland and abroad.
Production workers under the guidance of Mr. Giangregorio are specialised engineers that work in a technologically advanced working environment. Moreover, AMDSuisse SA counts on several coordinators that manage the sales network. Here, various sector collaborators plan the promotion of equipment in a competent and selective way, in fact all those working on territory are trained thanks to courses we organise periodically. A.M.D. Suisse SA is registered office is in Lugano (Switzerland) and benefits from all services an industrial area offers. ”


Is to normalise the cellular activity of the tissue, by reactivating (when possible) the ionic exchange of bio elements, issuing ”dedicated” radiofrequencies. The main goal of REGENOTHERAPY® is to reactivate and maintain the natural ...

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